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Our vision is to develop citizens with a lasting love for quality learning and excellence in all areas of life. We aim to create a nurturing school community, where children excel in their achievements and are inspired to continue learning in the future.



We aim to work with our children to enable them to develop lively, enquiring and creative minds, become effective learners with high motivation and good work habits possessing quality self-esteem, confidence and independence while respecting respect themselves, others and the environment. Our intentions are to make the children enjoy their time spent in school while taking pride in their achievements while having equal access to quality education irrespective of physical disabilities, race, gender or religious beliefs.


To achieve our aims, we offer quality professional support by:

Elimination of the boundaries to learning for all, providing a friendly, happy and caring school environment, while partnering with parents for the benefits of their children. We will continue to provide a quality curriculum in line with international best standards using a variety of teaching styles to provide a stimulating learning environment. With the use of a variety of quality and up-to-date educational resources, we acknowledge the individual capabilities of each child and working in response to their needs coupled with the provision of extracurricular activities, mentors/visitors to the school and visits out of school.

Our History